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Hi JGue,
I've never sailed the '06 Isonic 135 personally.
So, I can only comment from my experiences with the '06 Isonic
115 and 105, as well as the '07 Isonic 145/122/101.
I've found them all to be quite easy to learn and you can easily get
your gear all tweaked to give very good speeds.
They jibe significantly better than I originally anticipated.
So, yes, the '06 Iosnic 135 could be a great board for you.
A little more info on your wind and sea conditions would really define
If you sail on farily flat water, then the Isonic can be wickedly fast and the faster you go the easier things get.
If you have more chop and rougher conditions, the Isonic can still be good, but I'd look at the S-Types if you really want the most comfort and speed.
Hope this helps,
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