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Default Some Streamlined related....

I've been using Streamlined's gear for years and think they generally make good stuff. However, I have some issues regarding the products I don't sort out myself.

Let's start with the tendon joint mastfoot. Before the season starts here in Sweden I want to check that the tendonjoint is ok and eventually repalce it. The screws that goes through the joint are rocksolid and are very hard to open/loosen up. Without ruin the screw head, what is the best way to get them apart? Do I need to push a phillips driver into the opposite screw when trying to get them apart?

Secondly, I'm considering buying a Redline extension. My previous Streamlined extensions are good but under heavy load, lets say 9.0 race sails the base of the extension becomes somewhat deformed. Hence, fitting to the mastfoot are in some cases difficult. Has the Redline series changed in any respect to come clear of this problem??

thanks for your help !

/ Andy from Sweden
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