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Default RE: Some Streamlined related....

Hi Klint,
To get the very small screws that hold the tendon pin in a Streamlined joint, I've found the following tools really help.
A small vice (or a very small pair of vice grips) so you can hold the screw on one side while unscrewing the screw on the other side.
Get the right size Phillips screwdriver (a #1 I think is best) and if you use the vice, you can catch the OD of the opposite screw in the vice so you can really put some pressure on the screwdriver to prevent it from stripping out the Phillips drive.
Or, better still, use the vice on one side, and vice grips (just to break the locktite loose) on the other side. Then the screw will come out easily. Find some longer screws with the same threads and use a really long screw as a "driver or punch" to tap out the tendon retaining pin.
The problems with removing the little pin retianer screws are getting the locktite broken loose, and corrosion.
When you put them back together, use a little Never-Seize on the retainer acrews (lock-tite really isn't necessary) and you will never have any problems taking apart and inspecting them again.
I think the "deformation" issues of the previous bases have been taken care of in the Redline series, but I don't have any of the Redlines yet to make this statement form actual experience.
Alot of the "deformation" issues have to do with poorly fitting downhaul cranks and lever adapters, not so much with the Streamlined bases.
If you fit a Streamlined base, on a genuine Streamlined mast base cup, I've never seen a problem with "ovaling" the base. I have had some small craks appear in the outer tube from the bottom up to the 2 locking pin holes on the sides, but I've never had one break, even with the cracks.
Hope this helps,
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