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Default RE: Highwind / Lightwind definitions


James wrote:...Yeah, the high / light definition seems strange to me... (...) That's for freeride. Maybe for slalom it's different, like 12-20 kts is light and 20+ kts is high...

Hi James,

Starboard wind classification shown in 2006 Catalog sounds really strange...

In my opinion, use of a further class like "Midwind" should have been more appropriate to describe all "intermediate" wind conditions; instead, I think their Lighwind definition is really too wide and can lead to several misinterpretations (and, maybe, to a wrong board choice).

Let's take, for example, this table (extract from 2006 Catalog) :

Question is: referring to S-Type 126 an 137 (as everybody knows, developed for lighter winds), why did both boards receive NO SCORE in Lightwind Freeride field, while they have received a good rating (2 or 3 points) in Lightwind Slalom Racing table row ?

Interesting to know if same board evaluation system has been further used in 2007 Catalog but, as already highlighted above, at present is not possible to download it...

- Expander.

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