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Default Old Race Sails V's New Race Sails

Hi Roger

I ended up getting the Hypersonic 96 Dram (I asked you a couple of questions on it a few weeks ago) I cant believe how easy I get going on it in such light winds. I have used it the last couple of nights after work, lucky if the wind has even been 12 knots (max), and I get planing on it about 95% of the time. I am using an old Gaastra F1 7.4 sail on it. I thought the sail would be terrible in light winds on the Hyper 96, but it has suprised me, how well it goes. The sail is quite heavy (it has 7 cams). How do the newer Freerace sails compare to my old Gaastra F1 ? Have the shape of race/freerace sails changed alot, since 1996 ? I am thinking of getting a new sail /mast for my hyper in a few months. I dont know if I should go for a Race or freerace type of sail. I do like the speed of my Gaastra, but I would like something newer and lighter. I dont think I need bigger than a 7.4, as I could not see myself planing in any lighter winds than I already can on my Gaastra F1.

I mainly wavesail, so I have not taken much notice on slalom/race equipment for quite a few years.

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