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Default RE: Some Streamlined related....

Klint: I think you got good advice on how to get the screws out. Just a remark, when you have gone through the trouble of getting them apart, just go on and change the tendon while you're at it. Even it the tendon looks OK, there might be material degradation that you can not see. Comparing the low price of a new tendon with the often rather serious consequences of a tendon failiure makes this an easy decision.

Geo: I used to run the Euro pin and never had failures, but I have seen meny others that have. The problem is not the actual pin breaking, its the M8 screw inside (or the screw part of the pin when its one piece) and the most common reason is that the pin no being tightened hard enough. That said, have a look and Norths latest release or the current Chinook variant. Here the pin and the upper tendon fitting is one piece and I'm pretty this is a pretty much unbreakable system. I still run the classic cup system myself, but from an engineering point of view the new North system seem down right smarter than anything else to me. It would allow some pretty slick rdm extensions also.
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