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I've been dedicated to the two pin plastic cup design for many many years, but in the newer Chinook SS universal I saw an opportunity to go in a new direction. With the classic two pin cup, it has been my experience that the plastic cup component has a pretty limited life before it starts to get too worn and wobbly. Also, I've always had this consistent problem where one of pins shears off. Fortunately, this has never caused a complete failure, as the remaining pin seems to hold everything together. Still, because of the two pin cup's tendency to wear, I got into this rut of having to buy a new universal every year. Not terribly expensive, but still annoying.

I would have probably continued to buy universals yearly, but with a switch to skinny masts I needed to invest in new mastbase extensions. With Chinook's release of the SS universal, it was pretty much a no brainer to switch over to the Euro Pin and go in a new direction. From my perspective, the only point of weakness or wear would be the tendon component. Although the switch to Euro Pin would necessitate adding a retention plate assembly to the board, the advantage would be a more robust two point attachment to the mast track. Even though I never experienced a failure of the single point threaded twist-on universal design (where the SS threaded shaft breaks), I did have a brass T plate completely strip-out in the surf causing my sail assembly to separate from the board. Fortunately I was able to retreive my sail off the bottom of the ocean, but this still took some time and effort.

In going in this new direction, the one unknown I'm unsure of is whether I'm simply trading one wear problem for another. While the SS universal certainly appears bulletproof, I wonder how well the Euro Pin mastbase extension will hold up. I could be that the plastic base of the extension ultimately loses tolerance and wears out just like the two pin cup. In time, I'm sure I'll find out.

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