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Default RE: Some Streamlined related....

Thanks Ola H. for including the photo of the North universal, as I've never seen one before. I'm presuming that the SS component is machined from a single piece of SS. Although conceptually very similar to Chinook's variant, the solution is a bit different (the tethered plastic component). Also, the plastic component assembly on North's universal does hide the exact constitutes of the bottom assembly. Maybe it remains more traditional in nature integrating metal and molded plastic components together as an assembly.

In Chinook's approach, it's my understanding that they offer a single threaded screw (screw shaft is an inherent part of the machined parent SS component that attaches to the base of the tendon) as a design alternative to the pin type of attachment that I described in my prior post. Does North offer similar variants?

For geo,

While I wouldn't disagree with you in any way concerning Euro Pin designs if different SS components are assembled together to create a universal assembly, I'm inclined to think that one piece machined SS components are superior in design, and as a result, they greatly limit the opportunity for failure.

However, if the machined components do not include the proper stabilization and hardness processing, and particularly if inadequate radii at points of transition and stress are introduced, there is a much higher risk of stress propagation and an untimely failure. Ola H's proposed ultimate solution using a forged shape instead of machining from bar stock would clearly be the optimum way to go. Nonetheless, from what I can discern in Chinook offering, it appears that they have done an adequate job with radii on machined SS parts.

The thing that really disappoints me is that Chinook's pin configuration doesn't necessarily work between different brands (ie: Streamline mastbases). One wonders whether that variance was designed in on purpose.

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