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Default RE: Foot Strap Positioning

Sailpower: I would say its a matter of preference of people designen the boards but also a general trend i advanced wave sailing. 6 or seven years ago I used to prefer my straps 40 cms apart on my customs. Then I got my hands on one of Levi SIvers Quatro protos which was 44cms apart. It seems like a split, but I found I got much better control in my bottom turns.

The old Acids had unusually tight between straps. One of the things about the EVOs is a much wider strap mount. The new Pure Acids have followed this trend.

I would encorage you to try it out for a few session before you make up your mind. If you still feel its to wide, just move the rear straps forwards and the front straps to the rear and you will be closer to your old setup. The board will still work fine.

I hope you like the 07 74. I'm mostly and EVO sailor, but the 74 puts BIG smiles on my face every time I use it.
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