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Default RE: Some Streamlined related....

Hi Klint,
Yes, the Never-Seize is a lubricant and prevents galvanic corrosion.
I'm not sure if there's "lock-tite" on the little screws that hold the cross pin in a genuine Streamlined tendon joint or not, but I do know that I often find a little corrosion on the threads of the small screw, and there is often evidencs of a little galvanic corrosion between the stainless steel crosspin and the aluminum alloy of the cup the tendon seats in.
So, the Never-Seize is there to prevent all types of corrosion.
The way that Dave Dominy has set up the cross pins in the genuine Streamlined tendon bases, the cross pin does all the work, and has all the shear strength, the two small screws are just "retianers" to ensure that the pin does not fall out or shift off center.
So, lubricant is better here, as it makes the screws easy to get out when you want to inspect them next year.
Just tighten the 2 small screws nice and snug, and they will do their job of holding the much stronger cross pin in place, but since there is no stress or load on the screws they also will not fall out.
That's why it's important to get some really long screws to use when tapping the cross pin out. These screws should be screwed all the way in until they bottom out in the threads in the cross pin, so you don't damage or distort the ends of the cross pin.
Hope this helps,
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