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Default Tuning S-Type 126 for Slalom use


Already posted on "Ask Our Team" Forum but with no replies...


Same question: I want to use 2006 S-Type 126 for its Slalom potential rather than for Freeride qualities.

A lot of people talks about S-Type Slalom qualities but 39 cm Drake stock fin is all except a Slalom fin; so what do you think of this combo:

Select S05 39 cm + North Daytona 7.3 (3 cambers) ?

As you can see, Select fin profile is quite different from Drake stock fin:

So, has some 2006 S-Type 126 owner tuned it for Slalom use ?

And what are board limits (in terms of knots) in Ligh / High winds ?

- Expander.

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