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Default RE: New Quiver of Sails - Help!

Hi Peter,

While I think that geo and Per have offered some great advice, I thought that I could add a comment or two. Whatever sails you finally decide on, be sure to get the appropriate masts. geo so rightly identified this already, but a little added emphasis doesn't hurt. Also, you might want to give a little thought about the respective advantages between SDMs/RDMs, as it might have a bearing on the particular sails you might want to consider.

Regarding the cam/no cam options, I have to say that the no cam sails these days are really outstanding. I prefer them myself because they make life so much easier with respect to rigging and jibing, yet they still offer very good stability and range. Although they don't quite measure up to camber sails at the low and high extremes of their range, I think the performance gap is not as great as it used to be, especially with the 6-7 batten no cams. One important difference is price, so you might want to weigh in your budget to help you decide.

Lastly, I would advise sticking to a single brand of sails. Admittedly, this recommendation is an arguable one, because crossing the lines between slalom and wave sail for instance easily allows one the opportunity to focus on different brands that might offer some distinct advantages over others. I think geo could make a good case for this, as it's reflective of his approach. Nonetheless, I think the single brand of sails offers consistencies of design and approach, particularly as it might apply to tuning and mast compatibility. Also, if one wants to update their sail quiver more regularly, I believe that it would probably be more saleable to have sails of a single brand.

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