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Default RE: technora vs. d-ram

After a couple of google searchs:

Due to their highly oriented rigid molecular structure fibers containing para-aramid linkages have high tenacity, high tensile modulus and high heat resistance. P-aramid fibers have similar operating temperatures to m-aramid fibers, but have 3 to 7 times higher strength and modulus, making them ideal for reinforce and protective type applications. Technora's breaking strength is one of the highest of all commercially available organic fibers (8 times as strong as steel). Technora? is especially useful for fiber reinforcement for composite material (e.g. marine applications) due to its lower moisture regain, higher elongation properties and ability to adhere stronger to resin reinforcement.

Compared to meta-Aramids Technora's major advantages include (1) greater tensile strength (2) greater chemical resistance and (3) lower moisture regain.

Compared to para-Aramids Technora's major advantages include (1) greater chemical, elongation and abrasion properties (2) lower moisture regain.
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