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Default RE: Wave Board Dilema - Ola

First feedback.

Under-powered gusty 15-30 knots. Flat water, very choppy.
Good :
Very good float on board in lulls, exactly what I wanted. Quick onto plane. Extremely sensitive to foot pressure, more so than 05 Evo 74. Good thru chop also better than Evo 74.
Still to get right :
Footstrap position :
Present Back strap all way, frontB) all way back. Need to move front all way forward. Was luffing too quickly, but this was due to fact that I am not used to the board. Fin spins outs quite early, again I was loading the fin, due to foot position. Still need to find optimal mast foot and strap position. Fin box very tight. Spent time sanding new and old fin to fit. Quality checks must not have taken place in factory

Still early days, but future looks good. It it very floaty in lulls and responds to foot presssure well. Hope tofind a bit of swell this weekend.

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