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Default use of weed fins on evo and acid

The initial ramp and sweep of a weed fin, even those that are not that radical has the effect of moving the fin center of hydrodynamic pressure back by 3 or more centimeters.

Small wave fins with sweep when powered up do okay at Punta San Carlos. but, otherwise some days are difficult. (Otherwise: bigger board and fin, less powered up, etc)

Evo's come with short fin boxes allowing only a bit of ajustment and the Drake fins have very little rake at the base, suggesting that the board characteristics would change a lot when using a weed fin. I perceive a big difference and so have made my own weed fin that does not shift the center of pressure so far back.

One trick is to reverse the two attachment points of the fin, so that the tab does not prevent one from moving the fin further forward. This requires some filing and drilling.

Powerbox weed fins come with an offset that compensates.

How should the shifting of the fin so far back affect the handling of an Evo 83, say?
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