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Default RE: Help with choosing a wave board!

Quick question to Ola and anybody else on the Starboard team, also a big hello to all those Ottawa sailors.

Ola I am in a similar situation to Spededchaser/Scott. I am 68kg and sail out of Ottawa. Other board is a Trance 94 and I sail mostly river and lake B&J with a yearly trip to North Carolina to sail the real ocean. When it gets windy around here I usually travel to Lake Ontario where the waves get anywhere from a comfortable 4'-6' to 8'+ in the fall. Wind is pretty well dead onshore most of the time and because it is a wind driven swell the wave period is quite short and it can be difficult getting out sometimes without a floaty board or bigger fin.

See links for examples.

I too am looking for a board to handle 3.7 - 5.3. While I can understand the PA74 would be a better B&J board I thought the E70 would be a better board for the onshore mush we see on Lake Ontario. Any thoughts on this? and for my weight should I be looking at the PA68, E70, E75 or the PA 74. Windy around here means 4.5 - 5.3. I pull out my 4.0 2-3 times a year.

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