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Default RE: Help with choosing a wave board!

I would (again) say EVO or Acid in this case depends on if you want to focus mainly on frontside wave riding or more on the B&J side of things. If you love the riding part and want to focus on having the best possibility to rip on days like on the pics (in which conditions look very good to me), I would say and EVO. For this they are hard to beat. I would then suggest the EVO 70. Its not so much slower to plane with a 5.3 and has a more drivey feel to it which will be a plus both for straightline sailing and also on the waves since I suppose that you will not get the best waves until its quite windy. The E70 will not be as nice for blasting as the Acids, but if you want excellence in those waves the compromise is worth it.

If the truth is that those "picture days" only comes once or twice a year and that you actually prefere to struggle a bit more then and instead have a better general high wind board the Acid is better. Here I would say the PA74 is better than the 68 because ist a bit looser on a small wave.

So, the key question is wether fronstide riding is priority 1.
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