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Default RE: good sail for an Evo (for early planning!)

Hi Bill

How big a sail you can put on a given board depends on many things. Weight matters but so does sail typs and personal preference. I've managed to use sails up to 5.7-5.9 on the 74 (and I'm just onder 70 kg too). In some special (light wind, sideshore and nice but sow waves) that worked out OK) buts it definitely a bit cumbersome for general sailing and if the waves are faster and bigger it will generelly be better with a smaller sail anyway. So, with the 92 in you're quiver I don't really see when you would want to go as big as 5.8 on the 74. The 92 can be used in light 5,3 stuff so I think 5.3 would be the idel "breaking point" between those two boards.

As wich big sails that would work best on a small board, I would say a light and not a too grunty one. I used a Hot Psyclone 5.9 and trimmed it fairly tight when I used it on an EVO 74. When approaching the absolute max sail area a board can take, I think a deep profiled and grunty sail just bogs down the board even more. Thats also why it might make as much sense to go for slightly less area but more bottom end grunt. Note that a sail like the Psyclone (or current Psyclone) can plane very early also when trimmed flat but you just have to use more technique and pumping. A benefit of the flatter profile is then more of a gliding feel once planing. If I would now choose a max sail for an EVO 74 from my brand Hot, it would be the Smack 5.3 or 5.5. This is a sail with quite a bit of power, but which also pumps well. But in any case, I also this is very much a matter of style and preference.
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