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Default RE: Some Streamlined related....

Hi Andy,

I must emphasize that the incompatibility between the Streamline mastbase and the Chinook universal was limited to the Euro Pin configuration, and the source of the problem was Chinook's version of the Euro Pin. Also, just for the record, my Chinook Euro Pin universal was an early model that I bought when they first released the SS design. More than a year and a half that have passed since I bought the universal, and it could be possible that Chinook has corrected the configuration of their pin, so it would be prudent to check before you buy.

I doubt very seriously that there would be a problem integrating the two pin cup configuration components between Streamline and Chinook. Although I don't own a Streamline mastbase, I know that both the Streamline and Chinook two pin cup universals work well in my older Fiberspar SDM configuration mastbases, and also in a Gulftech skinny mastbase that I have.
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