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Default RE: windsurfing e.t.c

HEY POLLY!. Are you in Cornwall ontario canada? Cause that isn't to far from where I windsurf. I just started 8 windsurfing days ago but I m pretty good I think. I can waterstart, helitack, sailbody 360, tack gybe plane comfertably, use a harness and I am just learning how to flip 360.

Do you gius have anytips for the flip 360? Everytime I go into the backwind part of the move, my heel edge digs in to the water and I get thrown backwards. This only happens when I am in stronger conditions, not light winds. Any tips would be great!

If not canada, than where. I know there are 2 or more perths in the world, two londons and two cornwalls I think so I might be wrong. Do you sail in lighter winds? I use a 5.0 for higher winds (12 +knots) and a 6.6 for lighter winds (12 knots or lower) I can really get going with them. But I way 130 pounds and I am 5'10.5"

Hope this helps,

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