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Default RE: New Quiver of Sails - Help!

My 2c...

For flat water free ride, I would NOT get a cammed sail except maybe your biggest as a 2 cam.

I think you CAN mix brands, but I would only do it at the extreme end of quiver (i.e., go with the Saber as you biggest and only NP sail, using others with non-aggressive spread between the NP and the rest of the quiver).

I would NOT go with the suggested 20% sail size difference, because you are buying a quiver for 2 people of very different sizes (and likely preferences in all kinds of things related to windsurfing). Thus, I think you will be better off with about a 12% spread, so that you and your wife can BOTH have a choice of sails on any given day. What you don't want is to be in a situation where you both want the same sail, she overpowered, you underpowered, both planing. I don't have a wife, but if I did, I would make SURE that she was getting as much or more planing time than me. That's on the principle of making sure my partner is having a good time, because then I can have a good time. I sail when I'm planing, when I'm not planing, a bad day windsurfing is a great day, so if you're like me, make sure your wife has everything she needs. One extra sail, maybe even two sails, is worth the investment.
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