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Default Footstrap width

I was hoping someone on the team could check/confirm this.

One thing I found with my Kombat 96 ('06) was the footstraps pinched my feet. I found that by using the outer footstrap screw positions this was resolved (a suggestion from this forum).

I'd like to get the Pure Acid 80 ('06) as per discussion on another tread (awesome suggestion/feedback here)

Is the footstrap screw spacing the same for '06 Kombat 96 & Acid 80?
I assume there is a forward & back footstrap postion.
For the Kombat, the space between the inner footstrap screw holes meaure 5 1/8" & to the outer it is 7 1/8"

As I don't have a demo opportunity & buying sight unseen so confirmation is much appreciated.
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