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Yeah, if you got big feet I suppose it can be a bit of a problem, but from my perspective going for a wider mount would totally ruin board handling when you're not in boots. Actually, even with boots I would rather have them a bit tighter (but think the current spacing is a good compromise).

In any case, I think an interesting option for bootie users would be some kind of special bootie strap which was thinner with less padding. Sure, it would be kind of a pita to change straps, but typically you would only have to do it a few times a year.

But still, I think lost of the problems actually comes from bad design of the boots. Why aren't all of them as slick as the ATAN? It must be a better option to approach the boot makers than to change the foot strap spacing on all boards.

For the record, I do most of my sailing in Sweden with boots on but I have a normal size foot.
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