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Typically the pitch (hole centre to centre) on all Starboards is 155mm. [6.1"], which is about "Standard pitch" with most board companies (production and custom) - the usual range is 5.75" thru 6.25".
(no, I haven't checked the specs on EVERY board - but quite a few and all spec 155mm)

The standard Starboard inserts provide hole options at 25mm pitch [1"] fore/aft.

Definitely the footstrap padding thickness "inside" the strap has an influence on the "fit" of the strap, and in my opinion the 2007 SS-2 is slightly thicker and softer in that region than SS1 (2006). This is more noticeable when the strap is in new condition, after a few sessions it does tend to settle.

What we also found is the SHAPE of the riders foot (both outline and even arch height/depth) can make a difference to what "works best" for individuals, and yes, there is a big variation. Using boots - not only wider, but also likely a different "shape" to the rider's (exact) foot shape will undoubtably effect fit/comfort, some more than others.

Hey Zots, don't worry there are plenty of big fat Westener feet used to trample all over the boards for strap position testing. Mine rate around 45W Euro ~ width of 115mm/4.5". Anything above 6.25" pitch, the straps start to feel loose (on the sides) to me and require too much top pressure [too much strap "tightening" ] to get a totally secure fit, at least for 40+ and I've actually found using a slightly narrower pitch but with a looser strap works possibly even better. By accident, some speed protos came out at around 5.75", looked like a disaster but actually worked OK. Can't say it would be all that good for waves action though...

For Mike :
Q1. 6" is the normal footstrap position? (if so, it is the same as Kombat)
A1 = YES, as above.
Q2. Is there a forward & back position on the Acid? (like Kombat in case wider is needed)
A2 = YES, on the rear strap using the next hole produces an c-to-c of (aprox) 7", while using the "diagonal" option on the front strap produces a c-to-c of (aprox) 6.5".

Cheers ~ Ian
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