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Default RE: Any Developments in Shallow water Fins?

Hi Hardie,

In a recent post that Ola H. made on another thread (I believe pertaining to thrusters on Acids), he mentioned that he used tri-fins on wave boards in the past. Maybe he can offer more about his experiences.

In the meantime, I thought I might offer something. It's my thought that the only way that you would have a chance with fins 15cms or less would be going with multiple fins in tri-fin or twin-fin configurations. They would probably be a quite a bit looser, but I'm sure that you would have enough resistance/lift to be sailable. Of course, you would need a board set up to accommodate multiple fins. While you could most likely use the center finbox in a regular board for a tri-fin configuration, you would still need to either glass on thrusters or route in the smaller finboxes and laminate with proper reenforcement. The trick to adding thrusters would be getting the proper cant and toe-in to the finboxes/fins. One of the boards that I have incorporate these canted finboxes, but they might be from a special custom mold. You could check with some surfboard manufacturers in WA to see if they could help you achieve a viable result.

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