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Default RE: New Quiver of Sails - Help!

Hi Peter,

I am 195pds myself and windsurf mostly on flat water. Skill: 4 (of 6). My thougts:

1. Your suggested quiver looks good to me considering that you are using it with two people (of largely different weight).
2. Yes, you can mix brands. I am using: Pryde (12.5), North(8.2), Gaastra (6.5), Pryde (5.3), Gun (4.2), all with masts from Gun (580), Technofibre (490), North (460) and Pryde (430) and booms from Pryde and North. Works fine.
3. I Wouldnt by a cam-sail below 8.5 for freeriding.
4. No, the prices for Pryde are not justified by anything. To my experience they are not any better or worse than the other brands that I use.

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