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Default For REMI: Deb R19 with different stiffness


Hi Remi,

I would like to hear you about a Deboichet R19 to use on 161 but with a DIFFERENT rake and stiffness from what you have recommended in previous post.

For a misunderstanding, a seller has shipped a R19 rake +6 stiffness S instead of same fin with rake +8 and stiffness S--

My weight is about 78 kg and I use 161 primarily with 12 and 11 sails in Light to Medium winds and racing context.

What do you think about ? Is a S fin really so softer than a S-- ? Does 161 really suffer for a +6 instead of +8 rake ?

What have I to expect from 161 with a fin such different ? (different speed, angle, etc.)

(P.S. I can change this fin without problems but I have to return by post and wait at least for 1-2 weeks).

Many thanks,

- Expander.
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