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Default RE: Windsurfing Dominican

I was with my girlfriend (now wife...) in Cabarete back in -01. I was hoping that I could go for some surfing during the stay, but sadly the conditions seemed a bit too touch for a beginner that had only been surfing real old stuff (like -90-ish 190liters...). Heard that there was a lagoon for beginners, never checked it out, because it felt a little too beginner-ish... So instead there was two weeks in the chairs on the beach, just looking out on all the happy people... The beach sellers was abit annoying, always mentioning their commision... You'd better just say "Hola, not interested and look another way", and they'll keep on walking... Also watch out the time-sharers that will promise you stuff for coming and listening to their stories... Overall we felt safe, but some of these "sellers" was great pain in th *ss, so it actually started to feel a bit uncomfortable (for me that is, my first far-away-trip...)
Stayed on Villa Taina, you walked through a rental center on your way to the beach...
That was then, now is now, don't know what has changed there since, but I know that I have changed so much that I would definitely go out surfing if/when I go back... at, you can order a free (excl shipping) DVD with their destinations (Cabarete is one...), and from what I saw on that, maybe I could have had some surfing when I was there anyway, the conditions seemed "softer" if you went further east from where we were staying...
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