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Default RE: Start centerboard?

Hi Roger
I took a friend who has just got hold of a Start 200L and he has had a couple of tries on it and I think hes hooked already. He's a really big guy 120kg, and I was wondering what setup advice you can give for someone of his size?

The board has the centreboard and a similar fin to #1 above but only 30cm.

he has shown pretty good balance and because of his strength he had no trouble pulling a 6m rig (only option at this point) out of the water in 15-18 knots of wind and chop. These are the conditions we experience most often. he hasn't really planed properly yet though even in that wind strength, and I was wondering whether he should get a bigger fin? I have a 48cm carve 131 stock freeride fin I can give him - do you think that would be worth a try? Where do you suggest he puts the mast in the track?

He has no problem staying up wind, and in fact he rounds up so much he just stalls. I think perhaps he could try removing the centreboard too. thanks a lot.
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