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Default RE: Windsurfing Dominican

i have gone to cabarete twice with a few other locals, who also windsurf.
the conditons were challenging when the wind picked up. inside the reef it at times resembled a big washing machine.
Some people had trouble others were Ok. It was not a flat water venue.
Downsides, there was a wind line that you had to get to. Sometimes I swam to it . If your lucky to be a lightweight , you could schlog to it . Best practice was waiting for a good gust to make it out to the wind, at times you get a gust and only make it halfway out to the real windline then be back in the drink waiting for another gust, no worse then kanaha beach though.
The waves were very forgiving not maui like at all, and you could avoid them easily. the water was warm.
The best thing about cabartrer is that it is still relatively cheap we stayed at a place called , owned privatley by a german fellow, kiters stayed there. It was a bit of a walk to the beach, but tolerable and cheaper. We cooked for ourselves or ate out at the many good places there. and there are many !!
The scene is very eruo and americans arent common.Locals do hassle you, but no worse then many other places in Puerto Plata they are much worse. So getting geographically away form Peurto Plata is a good thing.
there is cheap horseback riding either beach or upland in the hills. MAny tourist outfitters are present i did not personally like them, one out fit left us standing in the rain one morning . Only gave us a 5 bucks doscount for our misery.
the thing you have to remember is that getting hassled by the locals IS NOT THE NORM for people here . Only in the touristy areas. It an easy way for them to make money. You have to be a bit thick skinned and not support begging( i know it sounds dumb but its true).. . Domincan people are very generous kind well behaved and religious.
a trip down the coast a few hours where tourism is scarce and Noone bothers you.
google cabarete on the "groups" setting there lots of info on rec.windsurfing, as well
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