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Ian Fox
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Hi Knatte,

Sorry to be late on that one, we have been testing and away from internet the last 48 hrs.

iS87 is very much a fine tuned evolution of the Sonic 85; so no big suprises and no big concaves : the macro view is a board similar to S85 but with verified improvement edge over the predecessor. Background to this is the S85 was a very proven board, itself a very long and proven eveolution of previous versions. 87 has a common major rockerline with S85, slight refinement in the front entry , the nose has been changed for top end control and the back end now includes better trim potential at top speed with small (mini Formula style) underside cutaways and the iS style tail section.
The fin we changed the layups (again) and so is also an upgrade on S85.

Hope this answers your questions, but please let us know if you would like more info or details etc.

Cheers ~ Ian

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