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Ian Fox
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Default RE: iSonic 101 & 87: Question about the difference in the scope rocker lines

Hi Huub,

it's a good question - one that could have a very long answer.

When you consider the planing surface area outline of the iS87, it is (relatively) long and narrow width, the iS101 (relatively) wide and short.
So the most effective and efficent combination of rocker profile is different for both outlines ; in the case of the iS101 some minor tail lift helps to free the (wider) board up onto the tail at speed a little more than a dead flat tail rocker, also the character in the jibe is improved 9quite important on wide tailed slaloms).

It's not so much that one rocker is old or new ; it is what works best in combination with the many other factors in consideration (and test) for a specific board/design when something like this is coming together.

If the new smaller iSonics were to be wider and shorter planing surface, (itself a question of function before fashion) then it stands to reason some small amount of rocker would be added to the tail, especially when the size of these boards would dictate more useage in high wind, powered and choppy conditions.

Hope this makes sense, please let us know if you want more info.

Cheers ~ Ian
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