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Default RE: Maui first timer

Yo Criag going in april meself, have been 6 times and rented from variety of places some of them no longer in existence ( and a good thing)
starboard is sadly enough only weakly represented in maui.
Kanaha kai had a few starboards, 2 kombats, 2 carvres an s-type, and the begginer boards were all starboards starts and the like.
Hawaiian islands had some older evos, an an kombat/aero from their yearly spring photo shoot.
i would have liked to get an evo 92 for myself when i am there but i will wait till i get there to go thru the gear places have then decide.

Kanaha is the spot for you, a variety of conditons with a few "watertopological" feature such as:
the uppers a series of reef breaking waves to windward ,
the lowers a nice very even break downwind from the launch,
and a flat bump and jump area between!!
a nice beach for the family, to picnic , or to cuddle up in a book, sunbathe or swim in a little sandy nook just to the windward of the cordoned off swimming area!
Outside the reef big ocean swells and nice sweet gybing.
kihei is good but can get very very windy, and a bit of a harsh ride when it gets pumping IMHO. Here you have the west/east maui valley funnel effect. On day its not blowing at Kanaha it can blow hard here, advice always drop in at the shop you rent form before sailing to gets the local scoop what to rig and where to go daily.
maybe see you there !!!

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