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You should pick up a video of Lair Hamilton. He even surfs Jaw with a SUP. I personally never tried a SUP, but I've been watching Laird surf Hookipa a few times. Getting out is a combination of timing, technique and balance. I would say the general timing issues is closer to windsurfing in semi light wind. Preferably, you start by choosing the right wave in the set and then you drop of it just in time to not get in trouble by the next wave. If you do get to the inside, he idea is to choose a route out (channel) where you can paddle though the white water waves. Since the wave is not hitting your body and since you can carry higher speed, its seem far easier to cross a breaking wave than on a longboard. When you look at the experts, they do this with remarkable effectiveness. I guess, I'll find out it takes a fair amount of training to do this, though, but again, I think some technique and timing from windsurfing will come in handy.
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