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Default RE: Fins for S-Type 126

Hallo Sleepy! Tuning and 135cm mastfoodposition.............
At first: What makes the board, if you use at first a 36cm fin,and
than the 39cm fin ? Have you a better feeling with the bigger fin ?
Yes? Okay, maybe that the bigger fin makes more lift, now think
you , lets try the 36cm fin, she must be faster, but now you see,
you are not faster, not enough lift, is the mastfoodposition not okay?
What happens when you give the mast more in front. ???????
What is faster , carbon fin or G10? I say now carbon is faster, but
I have good 90 kg. My board is a shape who need more lift . I get
the better lift from the better flexing G10 fin. Now I have to find a
thinner carbon fin with the same flex,that must be faster, or not??
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