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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi NED321,

With the iS50 we have a very efficient (aspect ratio) on the back (planing) area of the board; this is combined with a very secure and balanced longitudinal trim, especially at speed. I'm a bit hesitant to say the iS50 is loose, but a defining characteristic is the ability to absolutely hammer this board as hard as you can,especially in less than perfect conditions. While iS50 will be capable of being competitive on The Ditch, the primary objective was to maximize competitive speed in "real world" speed conditions ;one of the key design criteria is to deliver serious control at top end, with the focus on a strong ability to eat (speed course) chop fully (or over) lit without disturbing the rider too much (physically) or their concentration from more significant tasks at hand.. Those familiar with the flat trim of the larger iS boards already released would appreciate the concept of distilling the iS type ride into a speed board.
In testing the iS showed significant "chuckability" at serious speed, certainly not something you would consider to normally try - or even rate on a speed board, but definitely something it can deliver - and there are many situations in real world speed where that is a very useful feature - and advantage if you really want to push the envelope and live to tell the tale.

Despite its small/er size (c/w Warp, M-2 etc), the iS also has very comparable early planing, good upwind angle (not a core speed feature but again very useful on the day.)

Yes, no doubt iS will cruise 40kts with your eyes fully shut ~ and even more with them open. In general, it is not hypersensitive to trim angle, however being 1) a fairly small board and 2) basically flat bottom, there is definitely some ultimate top end gain by being ultra attentive to the trim angle. (that's to say, we could make it even less sensitive to absolute trim angle for some small loss of efficency, but, hey, in the end, it's more about speed than casual blasting..)

Cheers ~ Ian
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