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Hi roger,

It is a blizzard outside and i am dreaming of spring. I've been considering getting a new board either this spring or next fall, but thought i'd start with some research while it snows. Anyway,
I have a carve 111 (which i really enjoy) that i use primarily with a 5.5 and 6.5 rig. Last year i had several days where i was terribly overpowered (other people on 4.5's) and several others where I just didn't even try because the wind was too much and i didn't have a smaller sail. I now have a 4.7 and am looking forward to using it and am anticipating a smaller board at some point might be nice to go with it. So my question is two-fold. 1) what size ~85, ~90, ~95? 2) what sort of board acid? kombat? carve? s-type? Depending on the size it would rule some of these out. I know the acid is a wave board , but i had read some positive things about it as a bump and jump board also.
I weigh a bit over 80kg. I sail in a big reservoir from a large river dam. The conditions are often gusty, primarily on shore wind, sizeable chop and large wind swell (waist - shoulder high) forms in high wind. There are no real waves. Hence I am looking for a good board for bump and jump type fun that also has decent upwind capability. AS far as my ability, I was starting to learn to jibe and jump last year, neither of which I can competently do (but hopefully I will be getting the hang of this year). I am still working on improving my ability to ride upwind, struggle to point as high as others i sail with. This will be my third season. I am comfortable blasting around in the straps, doing an occasional chop hop, carving turns on the chop/swell, and attempt the occasional disasterous jibe. I imagine i should learn to jibe the carve before stepping down, but it is snowing and I am dreaming of the future. Anyway, any advice would be most appreciated as always.
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