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Default RE: Board quiver advice for an intermediate

Hi mheppell,
Sorry, this thread kinda got lost and I did not answer your questions.
Thanks Mike for bringing it back up to my attention.
I pretty much agree with Mike here. He'g ot his 2 boards pretty well dialed in, and seems to have his sail sizing dialed in as well.
The Carve 133/Kombat 95/97 should result in a very useable quiver without any significant overlap.
I agree with Mike, you will soon be sailing the Kombat 95/97 with you 5.5 all the time, (whenever conditions allow) but I think a 6.7 might be stretching the range a tad.
As for footstrap position on the Kombat, I agree with Mike.
To go fast, with the best control (and a slightly larger and more vertical fin) use the double back straps. When you get into bump and jump, use the single back strap as it works quite a bit better on landings.
I just sailed the Pure Acid 80 yesterday with a 4.8 Sailworks Hucker and it was awesome. The conditions were way to flat for that little board, but it has a good turn of speed and if there had been some ramps, I think bump and jump would have been fun on the PA 80.
As Mike suggests, when the chop gets up, and you have 24 knots+ a smaller board is going to be alot more comfortable.
Hope this helps,
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