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Hi Jeff, and mheppell,
I think I would suggest an older Carve 90 or the Kombat 96/97.
At around 80-85 Kg, you are going to run into "the sinker syndrome" quite a bit sooner on your freshwater reservoir or Canadian Rivers.
So, I hesitate to suggest something "too small" that you absolutely have to waterstart/beachstart.
If you both have waterstarting mastered, then something a bit smaller (down to around 85 liters might do, but since you are both inland sailors what about when the wind dies? Do you sail close enough to shore to swim in towing your rig and board? Just something to consider here.
As far as upwind capability, most of the boards you mention will go upwind pretty well with the right fin (and it takes a quiver of a few fins to cover your various sail sizes).
If you want looser and turnier, a small bump and jump or wave type fin (with a very curvy planform) is what you need.
If you want to stay upwind and get better upwind performance, then a more vertical blade type slalom fin is the ticket.
Put a good slalom blade on your Carve 111 and you will increase it's upwind performance noticeably.
So, I think your decision process must first be volume based, then the type of board based (you can alter this slightly with different fins) and
finally you can choose whether you want a more turny loose board or something that jibes well but still goes upwind well (again fin selection can be a very significant factor).
Hope this helps,
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