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Default Evo 74 2006 vs Evo 80 2007

I have today an Evo 74 (which is a fantastic board!) and am very interested in the Evo 80 ยด07 since the E74 for me needs a fully powered 5.3m2 before it rips. Before I had the E80 2005 and found it super with 5.0-5.7 but somewhat hectic with a overpowered 4.7m2. I have heard that the new Evo80 is greatly improved concerning board control compared to the 2005 model. Thus my questions:

1. How much better concerning control is the E80 2007 vs 2005?
2. How does it compare with the Evo 74 2006 concerning control, wave sailing and feel (e.g. does it feel much bigger?)
3. What sail sizes are sweet spot for a sailor of 84-85kgs on the E80?
4. What sail sizes are feasible for a sailor of my weight? Does the E80 handle a fully powered 4.2m2 in 2m x-on waves comfortably?

I have not decided if I am to sell my E74 and only have the E80 or have both. It depends a bit on how different they are on the water.
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