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Default What Starboard for 8.5 + 10 m?

I am an advanced (but not expert) sailor, and my weight fluctuates between 75 and 78 kgs.
I have a Sonic 85 (used w/ MS TR-1 5.5 and 5.9), an iSonic 105 (TR-1 6.6), and an iSonic 115 (TR-1 7.6). I want to replace my 2 older, light-wind boards with 1: the very old F-155 that I use w/ my TR-1 10m, and my HS 125 that I use with my TR-1 8.5.
The reason why I have so many boards and sails is that I am not very good at fine-tuning my equipment, and that I really do not enjoy sailing outside the "sweet spot" of a board or a sail. I used to have one board for each sail (or one sail for each board), but last year I decided to replace my two smallest, old-style narrow boards with only one, short and wider board (the Sonic 85); I found that the Sonic 85 works very well with both the 5.5 and the 5.9, and I treasure the space that I have saved in the van (as well as the money I saved buying only one board). Now, I would like to save even more space and money, by replacing two big boards with just one.
Which board would you recommend in the Starboard range, which will work very well with both an 8.5 and a 10 m race sails? I find that the F-155 and the HS 125 are very hard work as soon as the wind kicks up; I also find that the pressure on my back foot when using the F-155 becomes hardly bearable at times, so I would like a board that is much more comfortable on the back foot.
I will use the board significantly more often with the 8.5 than with the 10 m, and I will mostly cruise, sail a few miles around the spot, drag race with friends from time to time, perhaps do a long distance occasionally, but I do not do course racing.
From reading other threads, I am under the impression that the iSonic 133 might be best suited to my sailing programme, is that correct? Or is the 145 significantly more comfortable than the 133? The 145 seems to be much better at going upwind; the other guys always seem to be able to sail a few degrees closer to the wind than I can (the explanation is technique, not equipment), but as very few people here sail with anything bigger than 7.5, this is not a prime consideration. I want a board that is easy, fun and comfortable to sail, and fast too, like the Sonic 85 and the iSonic 105 are, and I like a committed style of sailing, but not one that demands spending hours pumping iron in the gym prior to getting on the water.
I am not in a hurry, so I could wait a few months for the 85 cm board that Starboard will have to launch for the 42 slalom series, and that should sit between the 133 and the 145, if this board were to match my requirements perfectly.
Any advice will be appreciated, especially from sailors with a body weight and sails quiver comparable to mine.

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