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I'm actually looking for buying a new wave board. I'm a thin guy (1.78m 65kg) sailing :
- during summer in strong wind at Guincho, Maroco, Tarifa, Leucate or softer condition in La tranche sur Mer (France, 15-20 knots and choppy water)
- during winter in side or side onshore wave conditions at Ile de RĂ© (albeau country) or La tranche from 15 to 35 knots

I had for a few years an acid 78l wild surf with sails sizes ranging (2.8) 3.7 to 5.8 m2 ... a wonderfull board for surfing but too small in soft and choppy water for freestyle and too big for me in strong wind.
Last year I buyed a freestyle_wave board of 95l for light wind and choppy water (freestyle) or really small wave
Now I want to replace my old acid 78l by a smaller and slightly more compact wave board (sails 5.3m2 to 3m2) for side and side on conditions.

Evo 62 2006 seems to be too small for 5.3m2, Evo 70 2006 seems better but is it still good for 62kg in long bottom or strong wind, is the acid 73l 2006 really more controlled in strong conditions compared to my actual 78l (only a difference of 5L but more compact). Have you an idea for this crucial choice?

Thanks and sorry for my poor English of froggy

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