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Hi dimbom,

Its not so easy to give exact advice in your situation. One thing that makes it tricky is that you don't have experience from a smaller board (at least not according to what you write). That means me kind of hesitant in recomending the EVO 62 even though at your weight it will handle 5.3 if you just can cope with the low volume. The 62 is really the best all round size at your light weight when high wind performance is part of the equation. But even if you would be comfortable on only 62 liters, the gap to 95 liters is kind of big.

So, the next step is the EVO 70. That shape is more drivey and "high wind oriented", so it still handles 3.5 sailing surprisingly good once you're use to the shape. The EVO 70 is in fact my fav EVO (I'm 68kg). I would say it handles long bottom turns and fast cutbacks even for a lightweight like me. I would even say it does this in a very natural way, especially regarding the bottom turn part. BUT, it will probably take a bit of time to tune your style to this type of sailing on the EVO 70. Vertical and pocket style riding comes super naturally on this board and for the lower part of your wind range it will definitely be spot on.

The PA73 has a similar performance spectrum as the E70, but prefers more drawn out turns. I personally think it get hectic in strong wind a bit earlier than the 70, but that depends on how you ride it.

EVO 62: A sensational experience of "perfect fit" for a lightweight, but that also means small feeling in gusty conditions. If you feel your 95l covers "bad" 5.3 stuff well enough, the 62 is an option. Super sweet cut back.

EVO 70: The sweet spot is more in the 4.5-5.3 range for your weight but for its size it still handles strong wind GREAT. An extremely good all round wave board that prefers a vertical style.

PA73: Similar sweet spot as the E70, but maybe a bit less good in really windy stuff. More difficult in slower waves and prefers a more drawn out turn.

Please ask again of you want more clarification.
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