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Default s-type 104 fin

i'm planning to buy me an s-type 104. I do have an isonic 125 already wich came with a 36 cm fin, exactly the same size as the fin the s-type 104 comes with, except it's a different fin.

My dealer offers me to change the 36 drake freeride fin from the s-type for a 32 cm, so i could use the drake 36 fin from the isonic under the stype 104, and would have an extra small fin for smaller sails. Sounds great to me, but i do have a few questions about the fin on s-type 104:

- does the drake slalomrace from the isonic 125 (36cm) fit to the s-types character? i like racing, not tricks.
- why does the 104 used to have a 28 (2005 model) and now a 36cm fin , it's a big difference.
- should i go for the 104 in wood of technora? i want to use it as a high wind slalomboard.

tnx already
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