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Default RE: Evo riding style vs. Acid

Interesting question. Warning: the answer might get kind of long. First two remarks. For the sake of comparsion lets think of the EVO 70 and the PA74.

1. Both boards are very all round and can handle almost any conditions imagineable. Its just that in some conditions you have to "fight" the PA 74 to make it shine and on other conditions you have to "fight" the E70 to make it shine. On both boards, the better you are, the wider the sweet spot of the board will be.

2. Though there is some adjustments to the technique that has to be done when swithching, I personally nowadays do't really think about it. I'm pretty much immediately at home on any of them. Both boards are kind of "easy" in this sense. They seem to give clear feedback to the rider about how it want to be ridden.

OK, now for the the differences. The PA74 is a moden incarnation of a classic wave board. This means it has a very fast rocker. The bottom shape means its loose and sits extremel well in a carved turn but the straighter rocker kind of dictates a more drawn out bottom turn. The tail feels solid and kind of stiff under your foot but will still come around well in the top turn. This makes the board kind of forgiving and easy in fast wave conditions. In medium speed conditions the rounder outline makes it looser and it gets easier for the rider to alter turning radius and go more vertical up the wave (pocket style riding) but there is still som dedication and power needed fromt h rider to go this route. In slow conditions, it get harder to do tight vertical turns, because when there is neither drive from the wave nor the sail, you loose to much speed when pushing the flat rocker around in a short turn (unless you're a real wizard of turning precision).

The EVO 70 has much more rocker, but a straighter outline. It prefers to turn. On a slow wave with little drive, you can still accellerate and keep speed through a tight turn because the rocker kind of fits the manouver. This goes both if your back footed or front footed (ie lays over you sail a bit backwards or drives it forwards in the bottom turn). In medium speed waves, the E70 is still versatile, but starts to prefer to be more front foot driven. This hols especially when your dropping in, ie start to go down the wave. The EVO then behaves better if you start by settling it on its front rail by adding some mast foot pressure. Since you have so much rocker, its very easy to alter the turning radius and go vertical up the wave. You pretty much only let of some front foot pressure and look up the wave and the board will follow in a super natural way. So, on the EVO its not so much about adding pressure to go vertical, it just does it automatically. Since this is a problem area for many intermediate wave sailors, the EVO kind of "flatters" the sailor and make them look radical. On the other hand, when speed increase, the EVO needs an increasing amount of front foot pressure and comittment to stay on track in a drawn out turn. You simply must keep the front rail drive on, otherwise the board thinks you want to go vertical and gets unstable. On the top turn, the EVO is easy and natural if you come up reasonably vertical or if you hit the lip. Sometimes it want to break out and slide (can be fun) but it you just take some slight care to set the top turn up it does some serious carving to. When you approaching the top faster and in a more shallow angle, it get even more critical to set up the turn with precision otherwise you may bounce out. Generally, you do this set up by cheating out a bit more actively on your way up the wave and then, in this "gliding fase", lean in and settle the board on the new inside rail just before you apply full pressure.

So in summary you could put it like this:
PA74: Gives you drive and precision for free at high and medium speed and in long turns. Needs you to feed it drive in short turns and at slow speeds.
E70: Gives you drive and precision for free at slow and medium speed and when you try to ride "pocket style". Need you to feed it drive in drawn out turns and at high speeds

With "pocket style" I mean like image 2-6 on the link below and with "drawn out" I mean like image 7-12 on the same link.

Even when you master the EVO in fast turns, you pay a bit by loosing the direct carving _feel_ of an Acid. But personally I think its worth it since the EVO gives me much more option in how to lay the turn on the wave. Other sailors have other preferences and for them the Acid feel might be what makes them happy.
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