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Default RE: What Starboard for 8.5 + 10 m?

Thanks for your input Mark, it makes me lean more and more towards the 133. As I already have the 115 for use with my 7.6, I am really not concerned at all with how the 133 would work with a 7.6. You may be right, I will probably enjoy more the feel of a slalom board like the 133 than that of the 145. One of my concerns is whether the 133 is big enough to carry nicely a 10 m sail? Another one is how much later than the 145 the 133 would strt planing? Considering the difference in weight between you and me, I am not sure whether your answers would apply in my case; that's why I would really like to hear from guys that are closer to my own weight (75 to 78 kgs, around 170 pds), and from Remi or Ian.
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