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Default RE: Corpus gets a new (old) launch

This is good news, that sometimes things turn the right way. Good for our Texan windsurfing pals!

Unfortunately, things not always go the right way. My experience at my home spot is that of things getting worse year after year and launch areas getting more and more limited and difficult to access. We never asked for such things as showers or Tiki bar, but just somewhere to park cars within (young athletic man's) walking reach to the shore; and it's getting more and more difficult.

Mind, I am not whining about some unknown home spot: in Talamone bay thermal winds can grow to 5-6 Bft. It is one of the very very few places over Italy where good sailing can be enjoyed once all the Atlantic storms are over and Summer high pressure sets in. Typically in its season it gathers sailors from all over central Italy, and quite a few from the North; everybody agrees that no other sailing area offers comparable conditions during high pressure weather.

I think that windsurfing manufacturers and distributors could play a positive role in this, by taking care of free access to the beaches; after all, they have direct interest in this. Hope that our friends at Starboard will launch a new campaign about this in order to make our sport grow even more.
This is of paramount importance: having light wind planing materials or organizing Formula Experience races is of no use, if people are asked to challenge laws, parking regulations, tranquillity and good sense just to enjoy a sailing weekend.
If any help is needed, here I am.
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