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Thanks Ola

I have tested the evo 70 2006 two days ago in on-side on 1.5 meter wave conditions, under and then oversized with a 4.75m2 sail... Really easy board for me, wonderfull for surfing and jumping but a bit difficult to drive it on choppy water when oversized in sail : to answer to your question I had a 70l pin tail wave board before which was also easy for me in terms of flotabillity without wind. If the evo 62 works well with 5.3 (18-20knots), my choice is difficult as it will be not easy to test it (the feeling seems different to the EVO 70 according to your different answers in the forum) and the EVO 70 still offers a better control in high wind in comparison to my previous acid 78. In any case the Evo choice is now an evidence for me but for the size???? (perhaps I will try to change my freestyle wave board of 98l for a 85l)

Just another questions: what is the maximum sail size on the evo 70 for my weight? What are the fin size ranges and the type of wave fin for the biggest sail you use on both board ?

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