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OK, so EVO it will be.

The EVO 70 easily handles 5.3 at your weight. I've used it up to 5.9, but thats stretching it. 5.6 is probably the practical limit. And since, as you wrote, offers better control in high wind than your current board maybe the 70 indeed is the ideal all round wave board. I think you will master driving it though chop better with some experience on the board. Its a bit about just letting the board bounce around under you a bit and keep the drive on. The board has a way of handeling the bouncing by itself. I have no worries myself using the E70 in powered up 3.5 conditions (but the 62 is of course still much easier wrt this).

The 62 is most noticably easier in a top turn. Its a looser feeling board overall so even though its narrover and smaller than the 70, I wouldn't say it handles big fast waves better. With the videos from the CV WC event fresh in mind, one can maybe picture how Kauli rides to get the character of the 62. You don't need to be Kauli to be able to sail it though (its actually very easy to use) but it kind of wants to go up-down the wave even more than the 70.

But the question is how it handles 5.3. 5.0 is definitely no problem. 5.3 starts to get boarderline. It doable and for planing and stuff its still effective, but you start to get into a range where the sail and board just don't balance so well. I would say that its OK if you once in a while get good fast waves where adding a 5.3 will make a difference in getting out and around but if you need to use it with 5.3 regularly, in messy and onshore stuff, maybe underpowered and so on, the board will be to much work.

Fins: I used to have lots of differnt types of wave fins in differnt sizes for differnt conditions. Now I ONLY use the drake naturals. They have this magnificient range which means you can trim the feel they deliver by changing size (relative a given set of conditions). Note that these fins sail small. The 24 for example, kind of feel like your regular 22 wave fin.

On the 70:
21 3.5-5.0
22 4.0-5.3
23 4.5-5.5
24 5.0-5.6

On the 62 I use
21 3.5-4.7
22 4.0-5.0
23 4.5-5.3

I've tried the 62 with the 24. You can use this combo to really stretch the perfornamce on onshore:is 5.3 conditions, but the board actually starts to suffer in turning performance. In contrast, the 70 easily handles the 24.

A note: both the 62 and 70 are driveier in 07 versions. The 07 62 feels a bit more secure at higher riding speeds. The 07 70 is easier in a fast cutback. The 06 boards are not bad in any way and theree is always a matter of what deal you can get, but I honestly think that both the 70 and 62 have been tweaked in a direction where they will be more all round for you compared to the 06 versions.

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