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Default RE: best way to repair wood ding

Hi Stefan 37,
I just repaired a similar ding in the Serenity (WOOD) that's in my demo fleet.
If the wood is not craked or broken, then as suggested above, leave it alone.
If the thin wood layer is cracked or broken, then you need to carefully cut and pry out the damaged area and about 1/4-1/2" further than the actual damage.
Then carefully remove the damaged hard foam layer directly underneath the wood.
Try to cut/router it out to about 1/4" depth.
Then using some thickened (with the West microballons) West epoxy,
glue in a shaped piece of divynicell (or other 1/4" thick had foam).
My repair did not come out looking so good as I found the core foam in the Serenity to be very "spongy", and I tried to do it quickly and put the wood back on top of the hard foam in one process.
The wood was pushed up higher than the surrounding surface of the board and ended up getting sanded off entirely.
So I ended up putting 2 layers of light fiberglass cloth over the hard foam in my repair.
The board is sound and does not leak, but I have a dark looking repair in the deck.
So, taking more time, and being sure that the spongy interior foam doesn't push your hard foam layer up will give you a solid "seal" on the ding, and you can probaly put the wood piece (cut out earlier) back in the deck and use some wood dough to fair it in.
Try one or 2 layers of glass in the damaged area under your piece of wood to be glued back in.
I'm going to ask the guys at Starboard if we can somehow purchase some squares of the wood material just for making repairs.
Hope this helps,
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